Pictures shows Mod. 1090-00/H in basic equipment
Pictures shows Mod. 1090-00/H in basic equipment
Pictures shows Mod. 1090-00/H  in basic equipment
Pictures shows Mod. 1090-00/H in basic equipment
Mod. 1090-00/H  Mod. 1090-00/H
Mod. 1090-00/H

Model 1090-../H

Modell 1090-00-H frame white powder coated
Modell 1090-04-H frame silver powder coated

Manual foot operated height adjustment by hydraulic pump.

Basic equipment:

  • Lying surface:  2-sectioned
    Head part stepless upwards adjustable from 0° to +65°.
    Foot part fixed.
  • Upholstery made in half-soft working for increased lying comfort. Thickness of complete upholstery: 70 mm
  • Movable on double-wheeled castors, Ø 100 mm, with central lock. 1 castor with direction lock.
  • Push handles (yellow powder painted) at head and foot part, placed at the frame outside points for a good handling
  • 4 wall bumpers Ø 200 mm placed at the edges of top frame
  • 2 side guards (silver powder painted) lateral lowerable.
  • Length: 820 mm
  • Color underpart of the table deliverable optionally:
    White = RAL 9010 (-00) or
    Silver = RAL 9006 or RAL 9007 (-04). Please choose.
  • Upholstery covering: Please choose between Skai® Pandoria Plus and Stamskin® Top
  • Optimal cleaning and disinfecting because of Dewert-hygiene-equipment

Length:Lying surface: 1.950 mm, Totally: 2.060 mm
Width: Lying surface:    700 mm, Totally:    780 mm
Adjustable from 500 mm – 950 mm
Length of upholstery parts:
Head part: 550 mm, Foot part: 1.400 mm
Weight of the table: 100 kg
Max. safe workload: 225 kg

Available as an option (other options on request):

  • Width of lying surface 800 mm (Mod. 1090-016)
  • Soft and more resilience comfort upholstery, then thickness 80 mm (Mod. B1770, B1780)
  • Paper roll holder mounted under head part (Mod. 011K, 013K)
  • Storage basket (Mod. B1850)
  • 1 piece side rail made of stainless steel, length 350 mm (Mod. B1410)
  • 1 piece clamp for side rail (Mod. B1430)
  • 1 piece infusion pole (Mod. B1450)
  • 4 comfort-twin-castors Ø125 mm with central lock (Mod. B1185).
    Then height changed to 530 mm - 980 mm
  • Less price if standard twin castors Ø100 mm are not wanted (B1191)