Colour selection


For the colour configuration of your couch cushion, we present our colour palette in the two different qualities Skai Toronto EN with staynu and Skai Pandoria Plus.

Skai Toronto EN with staynu

Thanks to the special resistant surface finish from staynu technology, regular maintenance of heavily frequented surfaces is easier than ever. A special coating seals the surface thus dirt particles rarely stick to it or – if they do – cannot penetrate deep into the coating.

Colours of Toronto EN

 Additional information according "staynu"-Technology

Skai Pandoria Plus

The smooth surface with a micropore stucture is responsible for the precious and refined appearance including a velvety sheen and a comfortable soft feel. A great variety of colours, especially colours which can be combined, enable an appealing integration to your funishing ambience.

Colours of Pandoria Plus

Cleaning kit for Skai products

for careful cleaning of upholstery

(Art. no. 050-1000)


Consists of:

  • Spray bottle with 200 ml special Skai cleansing agent
  • 1 microfibre care cloth 40 x 40 cm

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